Corrective Soil Treatment – Post Construction


Your building was already built and got attacked by termite..? Or Your building was already built and you want to protect from termite attack..? The method for controlling subterranean termites that have invaded or protect a building is to 

inject enough residual liquid termiticide (Prothor/Premise) form
ulation into the soil immediately surrounding
and underlying the foundation and footing of the building to create a toxic chemical 
barrier to the termites. The Defense Shield and Viral Effect: There are two advan
tages of our chemical, Protor, that make it even 
more effective. First, when termites unknowingly tunnel through Prothor treated soil, they accumulate Prothor on the outside of their bodies. Second, Prothor does not immediately 
kill termite exposed to it.So when a termite is exposed to Prothor treated soil, the delayed toxicity of Prothor allows for a period of time after exposure to Prothor during which a Prothor contaminated termite can interact with non-exposed termite nest mates.

Because termites habitually clean or groom each other as part of their social behavior, termite that clean termites recently exposed to Prothor are themselves secondarily exposed to Prothor and killed. This transmission of Prothor from termite to termite which cannot be detected or avoided by termite s is referred to as the Prothor Viral Effect TM.

And it doesn’t stop there….Termite are cannibals and when a termite dies their nest mates quickly eat them. Because the cannibal nest mates are unaware of the presence of Prothor on the 
dead nest mates they are eating, the nest mate are killed,

there by multiplying the effects of Prothor. What began as the exposure of a small number of colony members to Prothor becomes a nightmare for the entire colony. WARRANTY! A five (5) years Warranty Ce

rtificate will be issued for free-post treatment with the use of termicidal dust in the unlikely event of subterranean termite attack in the premises.